AVE is particularly concerned by the cause of handicaped children. More than 40 years after the North-South conflict, the 80 million litres of dioxin (« Agent orange ») poured over the country by the American army still cause casualties. According to the Vietnamese gouvernment, quoted by AFP in 2013, 150 000 children were born with various kind of disabilities, either mental or physical. Thus, Vietnam shows one of the world’s highest rates of infantile handicap. There are many trisomic and hydrocephalic children.

A disabled child is a very significant burden for families, therefore, abandonment is common. Poor families cannot afford costly treatments so many children grow under tough conditions.

Because they get no stimulation, they cannot make progress.

Almost 100 handicaped children are helped

AVE supports:

  • A school in the province of Binh Gia with 58 children suffering from diverse disabilities. The children are looked after by qualified educators who adapt to each child and each handicap. They get stimulated and are educated in order to become self-sufficient.
  • A specialised class in an ordinary school in Suoi Nho. It was created in 2013 and caters 32 children with much caring and benevolence. Parents have noticed progress as soon as their children were integrated.

What is done in those two sites is a small sign of hope for those children and their families, but the needs remain considerable.

A boy hosted in a school for disabled children