Ever since 1997, AVE has set itself the goal of helping impoverished and vulnerable children in Vietnam irrespective of religion or ethnic group.

To carry out this mission, the association uses the network of social actors connected to the congregation The Daughters of Charity. Thanks to they field expertise, those relays are able to determine exactly the needs in terms of health and education in very isolated areas.

Depending on the different issues, AVE also creates partnerships with The Daughters of Charity or the association « Poussières de vie ».

In order to ensure the correct use of funds, each action is subject to a detailed analysis on site made by the local relays and during the entire mission.

To know more about our actions and missions, watch the presentation film of the association:

A help to get the children to school

Because AVE is convinced that education is one of the most powerful levers in order to contain poverty, the association has mainly been working on helping the most disadvantaged Vietnamese children to go to school.

Today, AVE finances the schooling of 840 children and students thanks to collective sponsorship.

Three girls in a school which is supported by AVE

The children who are supported all come from poor families who mainly live in the poor neighbourhoods of Hô Chi Minh Ville and the cities around in the Mekong delta or the high areas of the Kon Tum plateaux.

In order to help getting the children to school, AVE also participates to the construction and renovation of buildings in the isolated areas where there are not many schools.

AVE’s support goes behond school. In order for the youngsters to continue to study, the association also sponsors highschool and university students and finances vocational training programmes.

After having been helpt for several years, many youngsters who have benefited from sponsorship now wish to support the youngests and have gathered within the association The Friends of AVE.

Ensuring the children’s physical and dental health

AVE does not only help to get the children to school, it also acts to ensure them a good health in order for them to get trained in the best conditions.

Access to health and dental care is often difficult and expensive, especially as most families do not have any medical insurance.

With the help of Vietnamese volonteer doctors and dentists, AVE organises medical and dental visits within the country schools they are involved in.

 A boy is made aware of basic hygiene practices.

Every year, it is more than 1 000 children who benefit from this heath programme.

On this occasion, families also get trained in basic good daily hydiene gestures. And because they are too often abused, teenagers also attend a sexual assault awareness programme.

In order to carry out regular monitoring from one year to the other, each child has a health record booklet which remains in the school and in which detailed medical care gets notified.

Getting handicaped children to school

The association does not forget the many handicaped Vietamese children. It invests a lot to help them to be part of society through supporting two dedicated centres via specialised programmes.