AVE is an international aid organisation governed by the apolitical and non-confessional 1901 French act. For over 25 years it has been fully commited to the Vietnamese children.


In 1997, several families staying in Vietnam, answer a nun’s call and create « Aide au Vietnam et à l’Enfance (AVE), French for « Help to Childhood and Vietnam ». Since then, its mission has been to help underpriviledged children in bringing them to school.

Along with its local partners, the association provides basic needs to the children (meals, healthcare, accomodation) and helps them build a future: Schooling, award of scholarships, tutoring classes, vocational training.

Une classe d'enfants parrainés

The association began with 10 sponsered children. The situation today is:

  • 840 sponsorships for the school year 2018/2019 (among which 24 for students and 90 for handicaped children and youngsters),
  • 11 schools,
  • 1 vocational training centre,
  • 10 houses,
  • 1 hosting centre for migrants.

Our values

For more than 25 years now, the members of the association share several main values in order to help the children:

  • Commitment
  • Children are our top priority
  • Maximum efficiency (1€ collected in France = 1€ for the children)
  • Total transparency (accounts, actions)
  • Efficient actions to raise money (we work a lot with schools and students)
  • Conviviality

How we function

The functioning of the association is based on volunteerism. We don’t have any employees.

The managing board (15 members) conducts and defines the actions of the association. Each commission supervisor follows up the actions with his/her team.

All over France, volonteers rally to help each time it is needed. This solidarity is essential for us to achieve great actions.

We meet the needs of our Vietnamese partners and give them the means to carry out their project after approval and often an on-site visit.

Each programme is closely monitered and on-site visits are often completed by our managers. Those missions are open to the members of the association (people then pay for their own expenses, no cost for AVE).

A quaterly paper relate detailed information on the children’s life and the ongoing programmes, the on-site missions and the people’s accounts. It also recounts all the actions that take place around France.

Every year, the General Meeting approves the accounts and the result of carried out actions. The accounts have to be certifified by an independant account commissioner. (FITECO Accounting company).