To go on studying an then build a career, are some of the youngsters’ numerous dreams. Studying takes place inside cities and that implies a cost which turns hardly affordable for the families as it means paying for accomodation, transport, tutoring, school supplies and meals.
This is why AVE continues to support the yougsters all along their school and university studies through sponsorship.

They can thus have access to highschool and then begin a professional training or university studies.

Supporting professional training programmes

In the Phuoc Loc professional training centre, AVE financed in 2006 the construction of a building dedicated to the training of housekeepers, cooks as well as hotel and catering staff. It is mainly proposed to young girls who have stopped studying before the end of secondary school and who, therefore, have no qualification. It is a 2 year-training with intership periods at people’s homes.

It is a highly prized specialisation which enables young girls to get a job easily. In 10 years, 228 of them from underprivilidged backgrounds got a housekeeper diploma. Some of them go on studying thanks to evening classes. 8 even completed a master’s degree!

Formation professionnelle de Phuoc Loc